9 months later

They got married in June…now they’re due in March! Advertisements

The Givens Family

  Andrea wanted to do photos in the snow and though it snowed yesterday, it was all but gone when we got out today.  We used what little we found and made the most of it.  I grabbed beautiful photos of a beautiful family! Thank you Andrea and John for such a fun shoot with… Continue reading The Givens Family

Amber & Ronnie

Some winter (almost) fun on a snowy day with Yogi!  These two were a lot of fun.  I’ll be photographing their wedding in June and I’m looking forward to having even more fun with them then! 😉   Thank you both and have a wonderful Christmas!  I’ll see you again in May! 🙂

Liam Carney

Liam entered the world 3 days ago and broke the tie between his 2 brothers and 2 sisters.   And even though he pooped on a few props just as I thought I had him settled to take some shots…I still got quite a few good ones of this handsome little man.  Congrats to the Carney clan on the new addition to the family!

Thank you Laura for letting me love on little Liam.  He’s beautiful!

Cara & RJ

Every year I have the pleasure of capturing this awesome mother and son duo.  Cara is an awesome mom and doing an awesome job at raising her son.  RJ…he really gets into having his photograph taken and even offers up his own ideas. 🙂

The Mallios Family

The Mallios Family has really grown since I first starting photographing them.  Ryan came along about 18 months ago, Alle now enjoys having her picture taken, and Sophia brings her own ideas to the table.  But they are still fun to photograph! I’m sure next time, I’ll be chasing Ryan around trying to get a… Continue reading The Mallios Family

The Marinaro Family

I’ve been photographing this beautiful family for roughly 3 yrs and its always fun.  I have had the pleasure of watching these kids grow since they were babies. Nora was one of my first newborn sessions and Luke is now in kindergarten and they are both adorable kids! Thanks